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PEACH Education Tax Credit

Target your funds to improve education and receive equal credit

As of January 2022, GFPE is the official home of the PEACH Education Tax Credit, which offers a wonderful opportunity for Georgia residents and corporations. GFPE will use donated funds to provide innovative grants to public schools and districts to improve student achievement, with a priority on serving schools identified in the bottom 5% of performance. Meanwhile, donors to PEACH – who are received on a first-come, first-served basis up to $5 million – receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on their Georgia state income taxes, offering a win-win opportunity for residents and our public schools.

Since PEACH launched, over $1.7 million in grants have been awarded to traditional schools and charter schools, school districts, and nonprofit organizations across Georgia. To date, PEACH has funded five grant programs: The Community Partnership Grant, Innovative Summit Pilot Grant, COVID-19 Relief Fund, and Innovative Education Fund. 

Innovation-focused grants give schools and districts the opportunity to tackle an existing problem in a unique way. One school – West Jackson Elementary School of Jackson County Schools – received a $74,000 Community Partnership Grant to address needs around positive school climate. With the grant, they have implemented a multi-tiered program that targets school based professional development in social-emotional learning by addressing the non-academic needs of students and developing a mentor program for at-risk students.

Smaller programs, like the COVID-19 Relief Fund, allowed schools to create programs to mitigate more immediate needs born out of the pandemic. One such program from Richmond County Schools provided eighth through twelfth grade students the opportunity to attend online summer school and receive tutoring to recover credits for courses they did not pass in the 2019-2020 school year.

PEACH is an exciting development that allows our schools to benefit from targeted tax dollars – and allows you to know exactly where your tax dollars are going. Learn more about how you can put your tax dollars to work for public education in Georgia.

Support in a Challenging Year

“This year was very trying in all areas. The sincere effort put into serving and helping others during this time shows the good fortune that we have to be Georgians. Thank you for your help. It made a difference for us!” --Schley County Schools