Tax Filing Guidance

The Georgia Department of Revenue (“DOR”) is requiring taxpayers to file their Georgia income tax returns electronically in order to claim many state income tax credits, including the Qualified Education Donation (QED) tax credit. This means that you may not claim the credit by filing your Georgia Form 500 on paper.

Note the following, per DOR regulation: A taxpayer claiming the qualified education donation credit, unless indicated otherwise by the Commissioner, must submit Form IT-QED-TP2 with the taxpayer's Georgia tax return when the qualified education donation credit is claimed. A software program's Form IT-QED-TP2 that is electronically filed with the Georgia income tax return in the manner specified by the Department satisfies this requirement.

Additional Information for Reference:

DOR List of Approved Software Vendors (Click on a Vendor name to determine whether they support Georgia Tax Credits.)

Blank IT-QED-TP2 Tax Credit Computation sheet

If you need another copy of your IT-QED-FUND1 Form, please email GFPE at

Making an Impact

“I take advantage of the QED tax credit because I know that my tax dollars will be in good hands. I am confident that my donation will be used to change schools, classrooms and, ultimately, students’ lives.” --QED Donor