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Our Work

Through generous, tax-deductible contributions from a wide variety of organizations and individuals, GFPE initiates and supports projects that help meet K-12 public educational needs across Georgia – both at the school and system-wide level.

From natural disaster relief to expanding opportunities in rural schools to innovative practices, GFPE provides grant funding for schools and districts so that they may address some of their most pressing needs and ensure student achievement.

Our programs are made possible through the purchase of the “Educator” license plates by Georgia residents as well as through donations made by corporations, family foundations and philanthropic minded individuals.

Supporters can also receive a dollar-for-dollar Georgia income tax credit by contributing to the PEACH Education tax credit, which supplies innovative grants to schools in dire need.

GFPE, and systems around the state, are proud of these programs and the difference they have made in the lives of public school students - a positive influence that will pay dividends for years beyond. 

CS4GA Annual Summit Sponsorship

This initiative seeks to ensure that all of Georgia's K-12 students have access to a quality computer science education with equity – while helping to supply educators with the knowhow to achieve these ends.


Rural Education Fund

Georgia’s rural school districts face unique challenges and resource gaps. The Rural Education Fund helps provide flexibility to these systems so that they may identify their greatest needs and establish projects that aid their students.


PEACH Education Tax Credit

A tax credit opportunity for Georgia residents and corporations, GFPE uses PEACH funds to provide grants to public schools and districts to improve student achievement. PEACH grants are made with a priority on serving schools identified in the bottom 5% of performance. 


COVID-19 Response Fund Grants

In reaction to the adversity imposed on public educators during the COVID-19 pandemic, GFPE immediately partnered with the former Innovation Fund Foundation (IFF) to provide grant funds for a wide range of resources. Grants helped supply school meals, mental health services, supplemental learning resources, and supports for at-risk students.

AT&T WiFi Ranger Hotspot Grants

Learning is increasingly dependent upon online resources. To address this need, GFPE partnered with the Governor’s Office and the Georgia Department of Education to leverage a donation from AT&T and increase reliable WiFi across the state.

Dual-Language Immersion

Foreign language fluency can add a different dimension to the educational experience. That is why the Dual-Language Immersion program allows students to gain fluency in a foreign language as part of the regular school day.


Improving School Supports Pilot Program

Equipping schools with quality resources, specifically designed as a response to the challenges and uncertainty that the pandemic has created in the world of education, is more critical now than ever.  If anything, this pandemic has made it clear that the connection between education and health is inseparable. 

In May 2022, the GFPE, in partnership with Kaiser Permanente and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation invited schools served by the Heart of Georgia RESA to apply for the Improving School Supports Mini Grant up to $1,200 to implement health-related strategies for students and/or staff, following the completion of a needs assessment. In addition, the organizations invited the Heart of Georgia RESA to apply for the Facilitator Incentive Fund grant up to $5,000 to support their participation with Alliance for a Healthier Generation programming. 

In June 2022, the GFPE and Kaiser Permanente announced the winners of the pilot program. 

Support in a Challenging Year

“This year was very trying in all areas. The sincere effort put into serving and helping others during this time shows the good fortune that we have to be Georgians. Thank you for your help. It made a difference for us!” --Schley County Schools