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Georgia's PEACH Education Tax Credit offers our state's public schools with access to funding in their quest for educational excellence for all students. But did you know that your school district can participate in the PEACH Education Tax Credit program by fundraising and then using those dollars to implement innovative programs within your system?

Using predetermined guidelines, the Georgia Foundation for Public Education (GFPE) allows your system to raise funds and then use those dollars to support up to three priority projects with a focus on innovation*.

The best part?

Your families and local stakeholders have the assurance that their PEACH Education Tax Credit contributions will help advance public education for their community.

To take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, your system must:

  1. Complete a School Fundraiser Application Download file school fundraiser
  2. Market the PEACH Education Tax Credit to your school community and local industry
  3. Raise a minimum of $10,000
  4. Report back to GFPE how funds were used and what outcomes were reached


By following these simple steps, the funds your community raises – all at dollar-for-dollar tax credit for the donor – will go directly to your system’s/school’s project. However, tax credit dollars may not be earmarked for the benefit of any specific student and parents may not knowingly donate to the benefit of their child. Tax credit dollars may not be used to reimburse projects that are already being implemented.

*To qualify for funding, your system’s program of innovation must fall within these guidelines:

  • Targets the root cause of a problem
  • Is inclusive
  • Is disruptive and transformative
  • Is contextualized
  • Is a breakthrough approach
  • Is collaborative


More information on how GFPE defines innovation is available here.

How to Become a PEACH Education Tax Credit Partner

If you are interested in being a PEACH Education Tax Credit fundraising partner to raise money for your district, GFPE makes the entire process easy. 

  1. Submit an application indicating the projects for which the funds will be used. Schools/school districts will be allowed to apply the funding to up to three priority projects, and each project must have a fundraising goal. The projects must be indicated on the application in order of priority (i.e., the order in which the school/school district would like to implement the projects).
  2. Set a fundraising goal for each priority project. GFPE will send the school/school district monthly updates regarding their fundraising goal. Applicants also must select whether they prefer to receive funds incrementally (monthly) or once it reaches a fundraising goal for each priority project.
  3. Market the PEACH Education Tax Credit to your school community. Schools must raise a minimum of $10,000 to participate. If a school/school district does not meet the fundraising goal for the priority project(s), the school/school district must redistribute any raised funds to schools as innovation grants.
  4. Track the outcomes of each project and report back to GFPE how funds were used and what outcomes were reached using the GFPE Evaluation Template.

What GFPE Provides for Fundraising Partners

  • An online portal for easy access for taxpayers to apply for and make their contribution to the PEACH Education Tax Credit
  • Tracking by school district of requested PEACH Education Tax Credits and donations once credits have been received.
  • Marketing materials, language, FAQs, etc. to make the fundraising as painless and effective as possible.
  • A fundraising webinar to help school districts approach both individuals and corporations in their community for tax credit gifts.
  • An annual report distributed to all members of the state legislature as well as to all donors and taxpayer contributors.
  • Upon request as needed, one-on-one consultation with school district to help develop strategies for specific taxpayer donors.

The tax credit is currently capped at $5 million annually and is approved on a first-come, first-served basis, so if your system is interested in becoming a PEACH Education Tax Credit School Fundraising Partner, apply today by completing the application below and e-mailing it Jaclyn Colona, Director of Grant Strategies. 

School Fundraising Partner Application

Apply for the PEACH Education Tax Credit Now!

2024 PEACH Education Tax Credit Application
Making an Impact

“I take advantage of the QED tax credit because I know that my tax dollars will be in good hands. I am confident that my donation will be used to change schools, classrooms and, ultimately, students’ lives.” --QED Donor