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Innovative Education Fund Grant Program

Program Overview

The Innovative Education Fund Grant Program provides opportunities for organizations to apply for innovative education programs that contribute to improving outcomes for Georgia students. Eligible organizations - traditional public and charter schools, school districts, and nonprofit organizations partnered with public schools and districts - should use the funding to implement or scale innovative projects that deeply engage students. These organizations may apply for $1,000 to $25,000 in grant funding.

The GFPE defines characteristics of innovative programs as those that are:

  • Targeting the Root Cause of a Problem: The program should solve a problem faced by a specific population by targeting its root cause in an inventive way.
  • Inclusive:Programs should be developed for and with students, teachers, and leaders.
  • Disruptive & Transformative:Programs should have the potential to disrupt and permanently transform "education as usual." The program exists to improve an aspect of or introduce a new approach to education at the classroom, school, or district level.
  • Contextualized:Programs must be created with consideration of the context in which it will be applied. Depending on the program focus, special attention should be paid to the student/teacher target population, school neighborhood, and/or available external resources.
  • Collaborative:The program should utilize thoughtfully selected and creative community partners to meet financial and programmatic needs.
  • A Breakthrough Approach:Is the program rarely-before- or never-before-seen in the context?


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In May 2023, we awarded a total of $287,723 to 15 innovative programs across the state. Six Innovative Education Fund grants totaling $90,000 were awarded to schools and districts across the state in 2022.

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For questions regarding the Innovative Education Fund, please contact Jaclyn Colona at or 404-445-9828.


Grant Portal
Grant Portal
Grant Success

“Thank you so much for the grant that helped our program to be successful...We greatly look forward to next year and how we can expand our program to reach even more students. Again, thank you for your generous support.”  --Chandra Steele, Pike County Schools