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Rural Education Fund Grant Winners

2022 Winners

  • Quitman Elementary School, Brooks County Schools, Brooks County, $10,000, To to build and maintain a pollinator garden for its bee colony

  • Dawson County Schools, Dawson County, $10,000, To support fine arts education across seven schools in the district

  • South Dodge Elementary School, Dodge County Schools, Dodge County, $10,000, To implement a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – or STEM – pathway by infusing manipulatives and other hands-on learning opportunities in its fifth-grade science courses

  • Franklin County High School, Franklin County, $10,000, To purchase new instruments to allow every student in the program to have and practice on their own instrument, rather than having to share.

  • Tate Elementary School, Pickens County Schools, Pickens County, $10,000, To purchase virtual reality headsets and instructional curriculum for science, language arts, and social studies to supplement traditional lesson plans.

  • Wheeler County High School, Wheeler County Schools, Wheeler County, $10,000, To expand its robust outdoor space to implement StoryWalk, which promotes literacy, wellness, and movement in communities and neighborhoods across the United States.

  • Unity Elementary School, Meriwether County Schools, Meriwether County, $10,000, To launch a community service and leadership-centered after-school program at the high school. 

2021 Winners

  • Appling County Middle School, Appling County, $10,000, To implement Appling Building Connections – or Project ABC – which sought to increase student and family access to literary experiences by offering field trips to the local public library, providing literary materials for home learning, and offering access to First District RESA’s Overdrive Digital Collection and Newspapers in Education.

  • Burke County Middle School, Burke County, $10,000, To implement a program where reading for fun became part of the school’s culture.

  • Claxton Middle School, Evans County, $8,718, To implement WozED, a standards-based program that engages students in scientific and mathematical inquiry. 

  • Cook County Elementary School, Cook County, $9,265, To launch Bounce Back, a program aimed at building resiliency in school-aged children.

  • Emanuel County School District, Emanuel County, $10,000, To purchase virtual reality goggles for its 1,892 kindergarten through fifth grade students to enhance the standards-driven learning environment by providing students with the opportunity to take students out of the classroom to explore the world virtually. 

  • Fitzgerald High School College and Career, Academy, Ben Hill County, $10,000, To launch an Electrathon America Racing Team, a competitive club that will give students the opportunity to design, construct, test, and develop electric vehicles. 

  • Furlow Charter School, Sumter County, $10,000, To implement Dinosaur Diplomacy, a project-based learning literacy initiative.

  • Heard County Comprehensive High School, Heard County, $10,000, To implement BraveLIFE, a special education curriculum that creates real-world, job-related experience for students with significant cognitive disabilities. 

  • Lamar County Middle School, Lamar County, $9,020, To implement a computer science program for sixth through eighth grade students.

  • Oglethorpe County High School, Oglethorpe County, $10,000, To purchase a medical mannequin, which the students named Jarvis, to provide students with hand-on experiences and stimulate interest in medical pathways beyond high school.

  • White County High School, White County, $8,000, To implement Hands-On Task, a pre-vocational curriculum for students with intellectual disabilities.

2020 Winners 

  • Appling County Schools, $5,000, To join the First District RESA Consortium Overdrive Collaborative, a partnership of surrounding school districts pooling buying power for a shared digital reading collection.

  • Ben Hill County Middle School, Ben Hill County Schools, $1,678, To provide all students with access to Red Scarf Girl, a memoir of a girl living through the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

  • Bleckley County Schools, $5,000, To convert a 2001 Bluebird bus into the Rolling Royal Reader, which will provide books and reading material to low-income students (target: Pre-K-5th).

  • Calhoun County Schools, $5,000, To purhase chromebooks for all students.

  • Dade County High School, Dade County Schools, $5,000, To enhance the ASA HUNCH program to produce new innovative flight replacement parts for Army helicopters by purchasing the Stratasys Fortus 380 mc 3-D printer. 

  • Susie Dasher Elementary School, Dublin City Schools, $5,000, To purchase more Chromebooks for student use.

  • Early County Schools, $5,000, To purchase more Chromebooks for student use.

  • Greene County Schools, $4,980, To purchase 83 4G LTE wireless hotspots.

  • Hart County High School, Hart County Schools, $5,000, To provide the support necessary to implement and provide STEAM projects and supplies, respectively. 

  • Heard County High School, Heard County Schools, $3,000, To create a college exploration fund to support students who plan to pursue enrollment in a post-secondary program.

  • Wrens Elementary School, Jefferson County Schools, $5,000, To purchase zSpace, a combined augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) solution for immersive, interactive, multi-sensory learning experiences.

  • Jenkins County Elementary School, Jenkins County Schools, $5,000, To purchase USB devices and Chromebooks. 

  • Jenkins County High School, Jenkins County Schools, $5,000, To establish an art course, including the purchase of art supplies/materials, providing professional development for the course’s teacher, and investing in marketing materials for local sales of student art projects to ensure the continuation of the course.

  • Lincoln County Schools, $5,000, To update our student technology to keep the most up to date equipment available for students use.

  • Meriwether County Schools, $4,994, To equip Wifi systems in 11 buses to meet the Internet needs of the K-12 population.

  • Manchester Middle School, Meriwether County Schools, $5,000, To improve student-centered learning using STEM by giving students’ opportunities for problem based instructions. 

  • Miller County Middle School, Miller County Schools, $5,000, To purchase USB devices and Chromebooks. 

  • Pelham Elementary School, Pelham City Schools, $5,000, To transform 5th grade science into a STEM-focused, hands-on laboratory so that students can truly experience science through exploration and experimentation as they prepare for transition into middle school.

  • Pike County Middle School, Pike County Schools, $5,000, To provide students with opportunities to gain an understanding of how to seek, apply, interview and retain employment. 

  • Quitman County Schools, $5,000, To purchase mobile hotspot internet service for each family of students who attend QCSD. 

  • Schley County Elementary and Middle Schools, Schley County Schools, $5,000, To provide teacher training on the Edgenuity platform and provide devices for the non-one-to-one grades. 

  • Central of Talbotton, Talbot County Schools, $5,000, To maintain focus on post-secondary awareness (PSA) at the high school level. 

  • Cooper Carver Elementary School, Terrell County Schools, $5,000, To hands-on learning opportunities to learn to solve problems through communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

  • Terrell County Middle School, Terrell County Schools, $5,000, To provide professional learning, update a computer lab, and purchase physical computing devices needed to implement computer science standards to help
    all students in grades 6-8 to be competitive as they prepare for college and careers. 

  • Upson-Lee High School, Thomaston County Schools, $2,500, To purchase podcasting equipment which would include a tablet/computer, sound board, two microphones and headphones.

  • Warren County Middle and High School, Warren County Schools, $5,000, To implement CDC guidelines as the school cafeteria will provide alternative ways to deliver breakfast and lunch to all students while maintaining a food safe environment and proper temperature controls.

  • Washington County Schools, $5,000, To purchase mobile hotspots for internet connectivity for identified students through our partnership with Family Connections, Communities in Schools.

2018 & 2019 Winners

  • Atkinson County Schools, $4,043
  • Banks County Schools, $5,000
  • Ben Hill County Schools, $4,125
  • Brooks County Schools, $5,000
  • Chattahoochee County Schools, $5,000
  • Coffee County Schools, $4,950
  • Echols County Schools, $3,600
  • Grady County Schools, $5,000
  • Harris County Schools, $5,000
  • Jasper County Schools, $4,684
  • Lumpkin County Schools, $5,000
  • Lumpkin County Schools, $5,000
  • McIntosh County Schools, $4,910
  • Meriwether County Schools, $5,000
  • Montgomery County Schools, $5,000
  • Pulaski County Schools, $4,997
  • Randolph County Schools, $4,916
  • Wayne County Schools, $5,000
  • Wayne County Schools, $5,000
  • Wheeler County Schools, $5,000
  • Wilkes County Schools, $5,000
  • Wilkinson County Schools, $5,000
  • Tattnall County Schools, $3,298

Evaluation Reports

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Grant Portal
Grant Success

“Thank you so much for the grant that helped our program to be successful...We greatly look forward to next year and how we can expand our program to reach even more students. Again, thank you for your generous support.”  --Chandra Steele, Pike County Schools